December 21

My Meditation Habit


8 weeks ago I could not get my head around meditation. I would get extremely frustrated trying to do something I wasn’t very good at. I was looking at meditation as “this doesn’t work why am I wasting my time with this nonsense”. 

This had been the case for several years. I knew people who mediated in the coaching industry and I had friends who meditated and guess what, they all swore by it, but every time I tried it I would lose interest because I couldn’t seem to do it.

I just wanted results there and then. (thanks instant gratification – that’s a topic for another rant).

What did I do to change this?

During Lockdown 2.0 I started reading an incredibly powerful book called “Atomic Habits” by author James Clear. In this book he broke down how to create a positive habit by making the smallest changes.

So what did he mean by that? Well his idea of “Atomic Habits” is simple. Everything is made out of atoms. So if you take your goal and break it down at an atomic level it’ll be easier to achieve.

My goal was to meditate for at least 10 mins everyday constantly. So I put his teachings to work and started to practise meditation for 1 minute a day. Now you may be thinking what is this guy on…why would you bother doing anything for 1 minute a day. It’s because it’s creating a habit. I would pick the same time and place everyday where I would do my 1 minute meditation. Then I would take it up to 2 minutes, then 3 minutes until I eventually hit 10 minutes.


I now meditate 15 minutes a day and I understand how and why I do it. 

What to take away from this

Sometimes we go about change in the wrong way. We go for this all or nothing, instant gratification approach. Sure sometimes it works but it doesn’t become a sustainable life change. The true way to really make a change to your life is in small steps over a period of time. This applies to everything.


Try running 1km a day. Then next week try 1.5km. Then the week after that try 2km. In no time at all you’ll be running a consistent 5km.


I’ll finish my ramblings here on a little note….don’t focus on the things you aren’t achieving, focus on the things you are achieving. You may not have not done a 5km run this week but you have consistently run 1km everyday for an entire week.


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