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How to get motivated when you don’t know where to start.

We have all been there, we are mega keen on getting to our destination goal but feel absolutely overwhelmed with information and just don’t know how to get started. 

Let me introduce Lucy. Like you, she had a goal but couldn’t find a way to get started. I made a pact with Lucy that if I could get her to her goal within 12 weeks then she had to share her story with you. Well….12 weeks on Lucy is fitter, leaner and feeling like her old confident self and ready to share her experience with Go Fitness. This is a 5 part story of Lucy’s journey so look out for the next update in your inbox. 

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Lucy's story.....

“Hi I’m Lucy, 39 years old and from Brighton. I’ve never been really ‘into’ my fitness but I've tried several different things in the past but nothing that stuck with me and kept me going like Go Fitness has!

I contacted Emily and John not really thinking that I would sign up but after talking to Emily she really understood where I was coming from and made me feel like I could do anything. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight but mainly tone up after having 2 kids and definitely wanted to get rid of my mum tum. After a quick chat, I couldn’t believe it but I’d actually signed up….what have I done..I thought!!

Let me tell you how NERVOUS I was. My husband had to literally kick me out of the car but once I was there the group was so welcoming and chatty that my nerves started to calm down. After feeling so anxious for days once I had finished the workout I was on a high. Everything was taught for my level of fitness and there were easier and hard versions for exercises. 

I was so proud of myself taking such a massive step out of my comfort zone. If I can do it...anyone can. The support is next level. "


Thanks Lucy! Find out how you can start your fitness journey and take advantage of our November promotion. 

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Our top 5 tips for getting motivated when you don’t know where to start:

1. Get a trainer! Seriously the benefits of having some structure and direction for exercise and nutrition takes all the guesswork out of it. However if that’s just not for you right now then the first thing you should do is VISUALISE your goal. Once you have that in mind you can start to get excited about taking the next steps towards it. 

2. Create a plan and put it on paper. It’s far more powerful putting your goal on paper and laying out a structured plan in order to get to it. Be specific with what exercise you will do and when and if your goal is body shape, weight loss or fat loss related you will need a plan for your food too.

3. Avoid quick fixes. The easy route never works, fad diets and badly put together fitness plans rarely give results. So be consistent at maintaining a well thought out exercise and diet plan.

4. Find the best place for YOU to start. Forget where everyone else is, you need to build your foundations and that means starting at a place where you can enjoy the benefits of exercise and healthy eating without overdoing it.

5. Get support. Support from family friends, your trainer and your fitness buddies. Make it fun and social so it becomes part of your lifestyle and not a chore. 

Read part two of Lucy's story...coming soon. 

Emily & John


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