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Weight Loss Mindset – Celebrating Your Victories


Weight Loss Mindset – Celebrating Your Victories

For some reason we seem to find it a lot easier to focus on our faults, downfalls and under achievements no matter how big or small. In order to create a successful mindset to progress towards what ever goal you might have,  it is imperative to recognise even the slightest achievements and hurdles you  have overcome.

The universe doesn’t always unfold your life or goals as you have planned in your head – your goals may not run as smoothly you would like or think you can handle (I don’t think I’ve heard of anyones success being streamline)

Lets Look Into How Celebrating Your Victories Can Help With Weight loss

When trying to lose weight it can be an up hill struggle with exercise motivation and that all important will power to step away from the naughty cupboard. Perhaps your goal in general seems daunting and unobtainable especially when you are having a bad week – this is where celebrating your recent achievements, those little victories, barriers or obstacles you have overcome become an important step to help you keep going.

Making your fitness and new lifestyle dreams happen is as much about progressing physically as it is mentally. Re wiring your brain to let go of negative thoughts that lead to negative behaviours and potentially a full blown downward spiral.

Example: ‘ Oh no! I have ruined my healthy eating plan by having that chocolate bar today ..I am feeling really bad, I might as well give up for today….well thats today ruined I am just going to start again next week’

See how focusing on your downfalls can have a domino effect with negative behaviour. Changing your mindset to switch your focus to positive events rather than negative can give you a completely different out come.

Example: ‘I have broken my healthy eating plan with this chocolate bar today however up until now I have maintained my eating plan for a full 4 days and been to the gym twice..it has made me feel great and is a huge improvement for me! – lets see if I can do the same for another 4 days’

See how powerful focusing on positive events can be!

Celebrating the mini triumphs is what keeps you motivated – it re installs our faith in our ability to achieve what we have set out to do…motivation and mindset is what will drive you forward.

Celebrate the victories to build your confidence.

No one likes the feeling of failure in-fact many of us are so scared of failure we will do everything to avoid it, even if it means giving up on our dreams. How sad is that 🙁

When a plan doesn’t go according to how we had envisioned it, its easy to feel like we have failed. The feeling of failure can consume our minds leaving an overwhelming feeling of defeat, powerlessness and possibly embarrassment.

Letting these thoughts consume your mind is giving those thoughts power – power to obstruct you from succeeding. Don’t give up your power to change and succeed!

Focusing on your achievements, past mini goals that have been met, little hurdles you have hopped over no matter how small will create positive thoughts and reinforce the prospect that you CAN DO THIS.

Confidence is important – it plays a key role in your attitude & your success mindset – to be successful you must maintain a successful mindset. Failure happens – it is part of life – it’s how we overcome it that counts.


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