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Weight Loss Mindset – Taking Responsibility


Weight Loss Mindset – Be True To Yourself – Take Responsibility For Your Actions

For long term weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals we need to address those little voices your head holding you back – don’t worry I don’t think your going crazy…I am talking about our subconscious and conscious thoughts.

A. ‘If I don’t eat all day I can have what I like for dinner’

B. ‘I have spent an hour at the gym I can go home and have takeaway’

Take example A. This is a typical thought and mindset of many of my clients. Let’s think about this..are you being true to a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss with this behaviour?

You might be cutting calories and this may help you lose a few pounds (or it may not) but it’s your mind looking for a quick fix.

This is a damaging mindset – you are looking at food in a negative way – thinking about calories and not nutrients. You are neglecting your bodies needs! Far from healthy and not a long term solution but one people opt for when they are looking for easy and fast results…p.s..that doesn’t exist.

Be mindful of your goals – yes to lose weight but to love your body. Don’t make excuses for eating junk food – focus on the end goal and how you will feel if you eat well – fuel your body with an abundance of nutrients – live better – be more active.

Your Body is a Finely tuned vehicle (1)


Would you fuel your car with fake, low cost fuel because it was quicker and easier then going into the next town and making an effort to get proper fuel?

Probably not.

Accept that there is no short cut to long term health and weight loss – do not believe every weight loss advert out there claiming the unbelievable because if it sounds too good to be true..it probably is.

Once you understand the importance and balance of nutrients your body requires on a daily/hourly basis to feel and perform at its best then you will want to make better food choices.

Be True To Yourself

Be true to yourself – are you doing enough exercise for your goal – be aware of intensity levels – consistency of training..’Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ and to create a better body you need to be consistent over time with your training too. Don’t expect to see results in a week – your body doesn’t work like that…after all how long did it take for you to get where your body is now?

If you are not seeing the results you want or no results at all…be truthful to yourself!…are you doing the best you possibly can…are you giving 100%?? because if its less than don’t expect great results.

Taking responsibility for your actions is a big step towards reaching your goals – if you can’t hold yourself accountable then you are fighting a losing battle.

Stop going through the motions – take control and be aware of your thoughts and actions because once you do you are on the road to success my friend.

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