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Think Yourself Slim – Mindset For Weight Loss


Change Your Mindset To Lose Weight

Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something, achieving something? We have set ideas and set views which may not be helping ourselves progress and most likely incorrect ideas and views about the current situation.

This can be applied in all areas of your life – work, health and even your social life may be affected by negative thoughts holding you back when in reality these thoughts & feeling may not be true to that situation they have just manifested inside of you and are now taking over.

Lets focus negative thoughts regarding weight loss and how these thoughts are holding you back.

Addressing Negative Thoughts

Here are some examples of negative thoughts from clients:

  • My metabolism is slow – thats why I can’t lose weight
  • I’ve never been able to get my body back after having kids – it’s impossible to lose weight
  • I’m getting older its only natural I will hold onto more weight
  • Being ‘big’ is in my genes
  • I’m too busy at work to focus on anything else

Thoughts like these are placing the blame elsewhere ‘EXTERNALLY’ you are placing the blame on an external imaginary, powerful cause. You are essentially giving away your power for change, to change yourself or any situation.

Quick Exercise

Grab a pen and paper – write down a list of things you feel is holding you back from losing weight or changing your lifestyle – eating healthy or getting fitter.


Take Responsibility

Can you see that by taking responsibility for your current lifestyle and your current weight loss is much harder to accept than placing the blame externally.

You MUST accept responsibility – yes it hurts and you might not like the feeling. You created the position you are in and only you have the power to change what you are not happy about. It’s a big weight to have on your shoulders…but wait…..what an EMPOWERING one too!

What Next….

Now you have taken responsibility and you have accepted it is only you that can change it, you will need to start working on changing your negative mindset. Change these thoughts from negative feelings and beliefs into positive and empowering thoughts.

Become aware of your thoughts – don’t ignore them – be aware but then take over the power.

Your current thought patterns are not supporting your goals, they are holding you back and keeping you from reaching your full potential.

‘Stop giving your power away’

Quick Exercise

Take your list of things you feel that are holding you back – ask yourself do these reasons for not losing weight apply to every person in my age group, weight, profession, gender and nationality?

Do these thoughts ring true across the board? Chances are the do not.

Look at your list again – now I want you to reword your thoughts for example:

A. I am too busy with work to focus on eating healthily.

B. Even though I have a hectic lifestyle and work pattern I still choose to make healthy food choices so I have more energy and work more efficiently.

This is a simple change in words that gives the sentence a completely different feeling. Feelings of positivity and self belief.

Change your belief system to self belief and determination over self doubt and loathing.

Thoughts are very powerful – they can alter the way we act and the way we respond to a situation. Choose thoughts that empower you – acknowledge thoughts that hold you back and re-word them creating a positive feeling/outcome.


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