November 16

The Ultimate Fat Loss Tool


Many people come to Go Fitness because they feel they need to exercise to lose weight. While this is a great weight loss tool, it is not the ultimate fat loss tool. You may have heard the saying ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’ and this is true. When it comes to burning body fat and gaining lean muscle your focus must be on nutrition. 

You may have been reading about Lucy’s story in our past blog posts, we helped Lucy transform her body and fitness  through diet and exercise. Like many, Lucy thought she only needed to focus on exercise alone however after our coaching sessions she soon realised her nutrition needed some attention too. 

Here’s part 3 of Lucy’s story.....

"It had been a few months since starting at Go Fitness and I was enjoying the sessions more than I ever thought I would. The community side of the fitness sessions is incredible, everyone is so welcoming and I actually go to bed at night excited to wake up and get to my next session. In just a few months my core stretch had improved, I was increasing my weights in the strength sessions and my cardio fitness was probably better than when I was in my 20’s. 

I had started to introduce some healthier eating habits particularly my snacks and seen some good results but it wasn’t until I logged what I was eating that the food side of things started to make sense to me. The coaching and support I received with my food was absolutely brilliant, I never understood the importance of eating more protein and balancing out different types of foods during the day to get better results.

After 4 weeks of logging my food and checking in with the coaches I dropped another 3% body fat, gained some lean muscle and I am now fitting into my pre-baby jeans which I haven't done for years. Without the knowledge and support I don’t think I would have ever seen such fast results but what I am really pleased about is that it’s not a crash diet, I can eat healthy and share the recipes with my family so we are all eating well."

Thanks Lucy!

Most of us have the knowledge of what to eat and why but many people seem to fail to put it into action. That’s why having a coach on hand ready to break things down for you into simple steps can mean the difference of success or failure. 

If you need help with your nutrition and would benefit from extra support and coaching, click the link below for more info and 20% discount.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Tool Continued….

What nutrition plan is best for fat loss? There are so many diets out on the market it can be hard to choose. Our advice is to find something that you can be consistent with, if you can’t maintain the nutrition plan you are following then you most likely won’t get results. 

The best combination of foods for fat loss that we have had success with for many of our clients is a higher protein and moderate carbohydrate and fats macro split.

how to stop bloating with low fodmap foods

**The increase in protein helps create a thermogenic effect, improves satiety and regulates blood sugar levels meaning you stay fuller for longer. The biggest benefit of eating more protein while reducing calories is that it helps maintain your lean muscle mass which is important for fat loss to keep your metabolism high. 

**Eating moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates makes it an easy plan to maintain because you don’t have to cut out any food groups such as carbohydrates which can be difficult for many and have side effects. Because we keep protein high and the fats and carbs moderate this creates a well balanced nutrition plan that is going to work extremely well with a fitness programme as well as without one.

Example High Protein Meals

So what does this high protein moderate carbs and fats look like in meal form?

  1. Boiled egg, quinoa and avocado salad. (VG)
  2. Three bean stew topped with crispy tofu strips and a side of curly kale. (V)
  3. Grilled chicken breast, warm salad with roasted butternut squash and green beans. 
  4. Fruit and protein smoothie (V)

Now, we’re not saying exercise isn’t important. For example; for the client who is training 3-4 times per week taking part in both weights and cardio sessions while eating the suggested macronutrient balance above compared to a client who is focusing on nutrition alone, there is no doubt who will experience better and faster results. 

The lack of a nutritional strategy may be holding you back from reaching your fitness goal and if you are not seeing results from your training then it could be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

If you need help with your nutrition take advantage of our November discount on the Body Confident Blueprint. Where you get access to everything you need to start a healthy nutrition plan, unlimited in person classes and monthly goal setting and coaching. Click the link below for more info.


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