July 22

Summer 7 Day Detox Plan


My pre summer holiday daily detox plan

So why am I detoxing? – Bad foods and unhealthy lifestyle habits cause TOXINS in the body. When your body is toxic it cannot function properly and make you feel sluggish, moody and cause bad food cravings.

By detoxing we can get rid of these toxins stored in the body – aiding in digestion, sleep, mood and weight loss.

So after my very indulgent long weekend I want to get my body back in tip top functioning form and get that nice firm feeling back in my body! Summer holiday is round the corner and I definitely want to get my beach body ready.

Here is what I will be eating for the next 7 days to boost my detox and then I will follow with part 2 of my detox plan the week after.


1 Glass of water with a squeeze of lemon followed by a green tea.

Juice PLUS+ VANILLA SHAKE made with homemade almond milk.

This is a great weight loss shake as it contains no horrible artificial ingredients – infact all the ingredients will help detox your body further!


Getting those vege’s in – sliced raw courgette, carrot and peppers with homemade cashew nut dip.


Quinoa with pumkin seeds, broccoli and lean chicken strips.

  • Keeping the balance of good carbs/protein and vegetables.


Juice PLUS+ VANILLA SHAKE made with homemade almond milk and a pinch of cinnamon

  • Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels and is a great metabolism booster.


3 boiled eggs (2 eggwhite and just one egg yolk) served with a handful of raw spinach and tomato slices.


Steamed salmon with broccoli and green beans served on sweet potato and butternut squash mash


Sliced pear and almond butter.

Top Tip

I will be drinking LOTS of water and green tea through out the day – hydration is key!


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