November 8

Regain Strength & Tone After Kids


When it comes to improving your body shape, it’s no secret that all you need is a well thought out fitness programme and some good nutrition. However we treat everyone as an individual at GO Fitness because everyone’s story is different, what areas you struggle with, your weaker or stronger areas and what level of support you need. 

Anyone can regain their fitness and body shape after kids, here’s how we helped Lucy....

This part two of Lucy's story...look out for next weeks email to follow her fitness journey. You can find part one >>here<<

"The team at Go Fitness were amazing. Emily took the time in the initial call to learn what my goals were and why I was struggling to achieve them on my own. In that very first call I felt like I was in good hands because she already offered me some tips that I could go away and get started with. 

I really wanted to work on my stomach area as this was something that was making me feel so self conscious, I would only ever wear baggy clothes as I felt very insecure about the way I looked."

"In each session with John, Matt and Emily I was shown exercises that corrected my posture and strengthened my weaker areas. 

I can’t thank the coaches enough for their support, I realised what was holding me back was my confidence. Confidence that I could do the exercise sessions but also the confidence and motivation to stick with a healthy eating plan with 2 small children. 

It was about a month into my training with Go Fitness that I noticed a real shift in my mindset and I could feel the strength beginning to build in my body. Even my husband noticed I was standing up taller and more confident! When it came to the monthly check in I was over the moon that I had lost over 4kg and dropped 2.5cm around my waist."

The best thing for me is knowing that every exercise in the session is working on making me stronger and fitter and I can go at a pace that suits me. 

We found a way of introducing healthy nutrition that worked for me and my family so now I can eat healthy and stick to it."

Thanks Lucy!

The best way to regain strength and body tone is to be consistent at doing strength based exercises. Most importantly that you start at a point that is safe for you then gradually intensify and progress the exercises so that you  get stronger and fitter while staying injury free. 

With all of our members we lay out your goals, work on your weaknesses, set you mini targets each week and help you overcome any barriers to success. Follow our check list below to regain your strength, body tone and confidence.


Be specific, you need a goal that you can measure and give your goal a time frame. A goal without a deadline is just a dream!


This could be strength in the body or perhaps your weaker area is nutrition. Once you know where your weaker areas lie then you can plan to address them. 


Once you know your long term goal you can break this down into a monthly goal so you know exactly what you need to do each week in order to accomplish it. 


There is no perfect time to start a fitness program. There will always be social arrangements, busy times at work, plenty of things to do with the kids. 

The key is to account for life's obstacles, instead of seeing something that’s getting in the way of your health and fitness start to brainstorm for the solution. If you want to achieve something...never fixate on the problem...always be thinking of the solution.

Do you need help achieving your goal? Join us and get 20% discount off your first month with us. 


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