October 31

How To Overcome A Negative Mindset.


Today is a day I feel like giving in or giving up.

This Is What I Do When My Neg Head Mindset Is Out To Get Me & My Goals.

Not all days are ‘get up and go’ days for me. Some days I’m tired, irritable and just a bit down. I’m sure you can all resonate. Yes…even personal trainers/fitness motivators have bad days.

Today I lack focus and direction, I’m overwhelmed and my very loud ‘neg head’ voice (who is no stranger) is in full force.

Self doubt in my abilities to be a good person, run a successful business and have interesting ideas to share is at an all-time high. My mind is suggesting I just don’t bother, it’s saying today you are mentally fatigued, today you will not succeed and if you listen to me I will make sure of that.

Perhaps you can relate? Is this the mindset you might find yourself in when you don’t feel like you can maintain your fitness regime, you are tired and in need of some comfort food which means failing to stick to your nutrition plan. Let’s face it, you just want to give up on your goals for a day or two. Today, is a day you just simply can’t or don’t want to do it.



The mind is a very powerful tool and if you can harness that power or even begin to understand how your mind works a little then you will have the capability to pull yourself back into reality. The reality that when put into perspective ‘today is not a bad day’ today is like any other day and you have the choice to make it better or worse.

If you think about it, your mind is merely throwing suggestions and choices at you, you decide if you take those suggestions on. You decide if you are a good friend, if you will accomplish that workout, stick to your food plan, will succeed in life, work and business.


This is interesting, and how many people have experienced this type of situation. One moment you are feeling down, tired and despondent then someone says something, a love interest enters the room or contacts you, invites you somewhere or an exciting situation arises or something positive happens in your work, love or friendship life.  All of a sudden you have energy!! You feel happier and positivity starts to enter your mind and body.

What I’m saying is you have this ‘energy’ all the time you just need your mind to tap into it. It’s never gone away, we ARE energy, we emit energy and we take in energy from others and our surroundings every second of the day. Not every day will be a super high energy day but it can be a positive energy day nonetheless.



When the neg head creeps in and you start to listen to it, just listen to it. Don’t be afraid to face your inner critic, thoughts and fears. If you ignore it rather than face it straight on how are you going to overcome them?

So go ahead, listen to your neg head and see what it says. But remind yourself that these are just suggestions being thrown at you in a moment of weakness. Pause, reflect. Consider the suggestions and set your mind to work at discovering better suggestions.

Your mind might discover it can suggest you will feel better and have more energy after your workout, it may find ways to motivate you to stay on track with your diet or calm your anxiety about not being good enough and to just get started on the task at hand.

Because pain is temporary, push through your mental barriers and experience the discomfort. Every task, every workout and every day has a beginning, middle and end. JUST GET IT DONE. It may not be the best workout or piece of work BUT it will be done and you will have accomplished your tasks and increased your power to overcome your mental struggles.


You never know what you’re gonna get next. HEY, THAT’S LIFE! Ups, downs, twists and turns. It may not always be easy but it will be rewarding. Knowing you have turned up, given it your best shot and not given in to your negative mindset. You are human, respect that we have highs and lows but be aware YOU are the only person who decides how you live your life. You have the choice to give in or show up.


I believe in ME and I believe in YOU.



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