January 25

How To Get Lean & Be Healthy


Create A Body You Adore – My Top Tips On How To Get Lean & Be Healthy

Ditch the diets, boring training routines and negative body image thoughts.

Simple tips to get lean & be healthy for a happier you. Yes, it is possible to LOVE and adore your body and everyone..both men and women should. I want to share with you lifestyle tips that will help you improve your health, body shape and well-being but also change your mindset so you become a happier human.

Ditch unrealistic goals

My most important tip of this article is to set aside un realistic goals. If your goal is to look like the model on mens or womens fitness– fair play but accept that your entire life will be eat, sleep, train..repeat. It requires 100% dedication and for most of us average Joe’s that is not a lifestyle we can or would even want to be consistent at.

 Do your Own Lifestyle Assessment

If you want to change your body, lose weight, build muscle and change your lifestyle take time out to assess how you are currently living. Are you training 3 times per week already or a total couch potato? This would change my approach to setting goals. If you are a couch potato then I would set goals of exercising 3 times per week for someone more advanced then perhaps increase intensity and the amount of training days to start seeing some changes.

 Get Training Momentum

The key to getting lean, fit and healthy is to keep the momentum in your training by continuously changing your routine, rep ranges and rest phases. If you are not seeing changes in your body then you are either not training hard enough or not eating correctly.

My advice is to create or find a good workout plan. Write down your weights, and also make note of your cardio training because you want to try and improve on your strength, endurance or intensity of training.

You can use this same plan for a month but each week you MUST change at least one thing. For example change the amount of sets or repetitions or rest phases between sets. Creating this change will keep your body guessing. Every 4 weeks change your routine completely.

Where to find good workouts – You can find anything you want on the internet just type into google ..4 week beginner or advanced fat burning or muscle building plan. A really great site is www.bodybuilding.com. LADIES DON’T FREAK OUT!! This is also a great site for both men and women and they have plans to suit almost every single goal plus they also give nutrition advice. There are plenty of sites I have listed a few:








Ditch the Diet and Embrace A healthy Lifestyle

High protein, low carb, no carb, high fat low carb or high carb low fat?!!!! Lets get a grip, we are fortunate enough to have a vast variety of foods that we can get our hands on. I personally DO NOT believe in cutting out any one food group. But wait…….not all foods are created equal.

If you can follow these simple rules on how to create healthy meals that will compliment your training and get you the body you want, you will be a happier human. Not only will you be eating better and seeing the results but also its so SIMPLE you will not be mind boggled by too many rules and restrictions.


The SIMPLE rules:

Choose natures food. Fruits, vegetables, good sources of proteins (not pre packaged reformed meat) good quality meat, fish and eggs or if vegetarian beans, pulses, tempeh and tofu. Think NATURAL. If the ingredient list has more than 5 words in it then ditch it!

Your plate should be ¼ carbohydrates from either starchy vegetables or whole-grains. ¼ needs to be protein and ½ of your plate needs to be made up of green leafy salads or vegetables. If you want a list of of good sources of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables..sign up to my newsletter for your free guide HERE 

The 80:20 rule. Let’s face it..in an ideal world we would all be super humans and eat well and never crave naughty food. NEWS FLASH!! you are not a super human..sorry.

I created the 80:20 rule so that 80% of the time you eat the best you can possibly eat and 20% of the time you can have a little treat. I always say around 1-2 treats per week.

Changing your mindset.

We have covered setting realistic goals, getting yourself a training plan that works, simple rules for eating healthy, we are almost done.

You and your goals are going no-where until you flip that switch in your brain and get in the right mentality. By this I mean changing your outlook on how you live, what you feel and think towards certain foods, exercising because its good for your body not punishment.

Change your attitude – feeling like you HAVE to train or exercise because you hate your body is a NEGATIVE thought. Create POSITIVE thoughts such as I am training 3 times this week because I will feel amazing after and it gets me in the right attitude for positive lifestyle changes.

Another one…..I cant have that chocolate bar because I will never lose my belly fat. NEGATIVE THOUGHT.

Try I choose not to have the chocolate bar because there are better foods I can eat to give me energy and make me feel great.

Create a new lifestyle that is full of positive change. You are changing the way you live, eat and move because this will give you more energy a better body and clearer mind. It is in your own hands to create the life and body you desire to be a happy human.


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