September 17

Healthy Nutrition Plan


Here is an idea of what a typical weekly food plan could look like… it might seem like a lot of prep for lunches but really they only take about 5/10 minutes to prepare and far better than any shop bought lunch.


BREAKFAST Oats with almond milk and a drizzle of honey
SNACK Apple and handful of raw almonds
LUNCH Feta and roast veg quinoa bowl
MID AFTERNOON SNACK Small pot of plain greek or soya yogurt and blueberries
DINNER Chicken or vegetable sausages with green beans and root veg mash
EVENING SNACK Bedtime smoothie


BREAKFAST Herby Mushrooms On Toast
MID MORNING SNACK Vege Sticks with Nut Butter
LUNCH 3 egg omelette mixed vegetable omelette
MID AFTERNOON SNACK Apple and handful of raw nuts
DINNER Homemade curry with cauliflower rice
EVENING SNACK if hungry Small Chia and Oat puddig


BREAKFAST Scrambled eggs and spinach with sliced tomato
SNACK (if hungry) Banana
LUNCH Feta, Olive and Sun-dried Tomato mixed leaf salad with seed sprinkle and 3 boiled new potatoes
MID AFTERNOON SNACK (if hungry) Green Smoothie
DINNER Salmon and mixed bean salsa with wild rice
EVENING SNACK if hungry Cottage cheese, apple and crackers


BREAKFAST Breakfast Protein Smoothie
MID MORNING SNACK 2 boiled eggs
LUNCH Green Salad with tuna Whole grain wrap
MID AFTERNOON SNACK Pear and handful of raw nuts
DINNER Sweet Potato and Black bean chilli
EVENING SNACK Homemade Healthy Chocolate Mousse


BREAKFAST Egg, Spinach and Tomato Pitta
MID MORNING SNACK Homemade cacao enrgy balls x 2
LUNCH Warm Salad incorporating steamed broccoli and spinach with mixed beans or lentils or grilled chicken with ½ sweet potato
MID AFTERNOON SNACK Veg sticks with nut butter
DINNER Sticky Vegetable and chicken stir-fry with wholegrain rice
EVENING SNACK (if hungry) Apple or berries


BREAKFAST Grilled mushrooms topped with herby eggs served with spinach and tomato
LUNCH Spicy lentil Stew
MID AFTERNOON SNACK Homemade cacao energy balls x 2
DINNER Herby white fish with steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots and sweet potato mash
EVENING SNACK Treat of your choice



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