January 18

Getting A Grip


With winter well and truly here  having the correct footwear is essential for those wetter conditions when the ground may be slippery. After all no one wants to do a burpee on what feels like a sheet of ice whilst having a shoe full of water. So I have gathered a list of some shoes to help you make the right choice and that’s the ultimate thing to consider when buying any shoe…are they right for you?

How do you know? Ask yourself the below when trying them on.


  1. Are they comfortable?
  2. Do they make you feel confident?
  3. Do they feel like an extension of your foot?


These are the key things to think about when getting a shoe.


For any outdoor exercise class we want to get a hybrid trail shoe. This means it’ll have slightly smaller lugs for grip on wet grass and tracks but will offer more comfort on more solid ground such as concrete or tarmac.


Starting from most expensive down to cheapest here are some great trail shoes to help you make the right choice.





  • VJ XTREM £108 – £130


This shoes are a great all rounder and I would say are the go to shoe for almost any terrain. Designed alongside Trail, Ultra Sky and Obstacle Racing World Champion Jonathan Albon, this shoe is put together with performance in mind. Whether it’s wet trails or hard rock. This shoe will grip whilst adding support to your foot.


  • Salomon Speedcross V £80 – £120

The Salomon SPEEDCROSS series have been a favourite for trail runners and outdoor fitness enthusiasts for a number of years. Now sporting their 5th version of the shoe Salomon boasts a higher grip with additional lugs along the sole, an improved cradle on the heel adding stability and comfort whilst ensuring a clean foot strike. One thing to avoid with this shoe is the GTX (Goretex) version. Although some feel the waterproofing may be handy in keeping your feet dry, I can speak from experience in saying it also doesn’t let the water out once it comes in through the top. Unless of course running with buckets full of water on your feet is your thing.


  • Salming OT-COMP £50 – £120 (have a shop on google)


The Salming OT Comp is a shoe myself and Emily have both ran in for years. They are extremely light weight but robust and the mesh goes down to the sole of the shoe allowing any unwanted water that comes in the top to drain out. What’s really unique about this shoe in the tread on the sole with only a 4mm drop for heel to toe it provides a more natural foot position but here’s the real magic. The grip has been designed by Mitchellin. That’s right, those guys who make performance tyres on race cars. They have taken aspects of a mountain bike tyre and crossed it with a running shoe to create an incredibly comfortable yet grippy shoe.



  • Salming Trail T4 £50 – £84 (have a shop on google)


The Trail T4 are the “younger siblings” of the OT Comp, providing some of the aspects from the high performance shoe but at a more affordable price. With great grip and cushioning this shoe is a great shoe for entry level. It’ll still provide a good all round grip on surfaces whilst draining unwanted water and cushioning your feet on those harder surfaces.


Closing thoughts


Choosing the right trail shoe can be a tough decision. There is so much technology out there involved when making shoes you can get a little lost in making the right choice. My advice would be to use the shoes above as a guide. Ultimately go into a reputable running shop and ask for a hybrid trail shoe that has good drainage and give the shop assistant a price range that you are willing to spend. Make sure you can test the shoe either on the street or on a treadmill. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first and the same should apply to running shoes.


Shops to try in Brighton and Hove


The Jog Shop  http://www.jogshoponline.co.uk/

Runners Need https://www.runnersneed.com/stores/brighton.html

Run Company https://runcompany.co.uk/pages/appointments-brighton

Run https://run-shop.co.uk/


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