March 26

Express Kettlebell Workout


Do you value your time when your not at work? Find it hard to invest time in the gym? Too tired for a workout at the end of the day? I have a solution!

Fast home workout

This Fast home workout which requires very little space – this one hits all the muscle groups, guaranteed to burn fat and tone you up. Here goes!

Using a 6 – 8 kg Kettlebell perform 10 exercises 10 times:

  1. 60 seconds of  Kettlebell Swings
  2. 15 deep wide squats to shoulder presses
  3. 60 seconds of as many push ups down to the kettlebell as possible
  4. 15 kettle bell crunches
  5. 60 seconds of kettlebell swings switching hands at the top
  6. 15 overhead tricep extensions
  7. 15 bicep curls
  8. 60 seconds of alternate lunges and torso rotations
  9. 30 second plank
  10. 15 single arm bent over rows on each side

 2 minutes REST and then repeat another 9 times!


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