July 30

How to Lose Stubborn Body FAT


There are a lot of us out there that have stubborn body fat that we want to lose whether it’s a large amount of body fat or that stomach fat that just won’t seem to go! In my article I talk about ways to reduce stomach fat.

Due to the media and celebrity hype there is a lot of mis conception that to have significant weight loss you need to cut calories significantly – and yes…if you stop eating and go on a low calorie diet plan it is inevitable you will drop the pounds.!!

What most people don’t realize is that this type of diet plan is going to wreak havoc on your metabolism – you will get to a certain point  and your metabolism will slow down.yes this means that your body will no longer be going into fat burning mode but fat storing over drive!!…and you would have to keep eating fewer and fewer calories to keep losing the weight and most likely be losing your lean muscle mass not fat which you need to boost that metabolism.

So in order to reduce stomach fat we need to learn the facts. I have seen this time and time again I have seen so many people take this un educated route to getting fast weight loss and guess what? Within a few months they have put all the weight on and more…your classic YO YO DIET.

So here’s what I am saying – we need a balanced diet incorporating all the macro nutrients which are proteins, good fats and good sources of carbohydrates. Forget low calorie or low fat these are FAD diets and won’t last. By keeping foods balanced and staying away from refined sugars you will see a big difference in your energy levels and your weight loss.

To reduce stomach fat It really is simple. So in conclusion – if you want to boost your metabolism and experience a faster weight loss you need to have the right balanced diet. Feed your body with an abundance of good quality foods and supplements that will de stress, detox and reduce food cravings. We shouldn’t be punishing our bodies for what we have done by over eating on bad foods – treat your insides like a temple and I guarantee it will show on the outside.

As a personal trainer I have come across and seen so many different types of fad diets – I get asked so many times on which is the best way to reduce stomach fat or lose weight fast.

I have to re-train the way my clients understand food and calories educating them that food should be used as a fantastic way to stay healthy and look great. Calories and fats are not bad things to have in your daily diet..they are essential. As I have previously said if you eat as natural as you can i.e non processed foods, good fats and natural sugars then weight loss and reduced body fat will inevitably be the end result.


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