February 3

5 Habits That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness


It’s true, habits can make or break a person. While this may seem like an extreme statement, in my opinion it's not. Good habits actioned daily will improve your mental well-being your health and that will crossover into every aspect of your life, relationships, work success. Bad habits actioned daily will lead to poor health, low mood, lack of energy and will impact your life, relationships and work success also. 

You see, we underestimate the power of the small daily habits that, without us being conscious of it, create a domino effect on our lives. So months and years later we experience the effects of our small daily actions..may that be good or bad. 

It’s time to literally transform your health and fitness with these 5 simple daily habits. 


Number one priority!! We are what we eat, eat junk..you’ll feel like crap. If you eat well you’ll reap the benefits every day and for years to come. I’m not going to go into detail about good or bad foods, we all know that the least processed foods are better for our health. 

In short, we must include lean proteins, plenty of fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. Sugary foods or refined carbohydrates are going to lead to sugar spikes and cravings. Ditch the crap if you’re fed up with feeling like crap. Simple. 


We underestimate the negative effects stress has on our body because we can’t see the impact it has internally. I can tell you stress not only causes mental discomfort but can be the underlying cause of headaches, poor sleep, elevated blood pressure, depression, anxiety, skin conditions and other chronic health problems. 

Belly breathing where you inhale and expand the belly and exhale by drawing the belly in toward your rib cage stimulates the vagus nerve, activating your relaxation response. 

Breathe in, expanding the belly for 3 counts and exhale drawing the belly back in for 6 counts to help you de stress on a daily basis. 


Obviously at GO we are huge advocates for fitness. Not only because of the positive benefits it has on your body, internally and externally but for the beneficial effects it has on mental well-being. 

Exercise is a great way of staying energised, de-stressing and it boosts cognitive health and creativity. What’s more, exercising in a group can boost those ‘feel good’ endorphins even more so because group exercise is social and fun while increasing your fitness levels.

Another fact is exercise is a known antidepressant, do you need any more convincing?!…exercise is pretty damn good for you. 


We all wish we could get more sleep and we could all do with an extra hour or two for our health and well-being. Make it a priority to get to bed earlier and you’ll boost your immunity by helping your immune cells get the rest they need to fight off colds and flu. 

A good night's sleep can prevent weight gain as poor sleep can lead to increased hunger levels, poor food choices and a decrease in your leptin hormone which signals to the brain when you're full. 

Better sleep can improve your heart health, boost your mood and enhance your productivity…get those Zzz’z in people.


Friendships enrich your life, help us feel connected and can play a major role in our happiness and well-being. Spending time with friends helps us de stress, helps us cope with stressful or traumatic experiences, improves our confidence and self worth. 

Good friends will make you laugh and bring you up if you are feeling down. Choose your friends wisely and you’ll be a happier, healthier person after spending time with them. 

If you do these 5 things on a daily/weekly basis you'll be a healthier, happier human. 


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