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Would you like to look better, feel fitter and regain your body confidence?

Build the foundations of health and fitness with our 28 day Experience. This is our foundation programme that is designed to have you feeling leaner, stronger and fitter in 28 days. After the programme you'll have the opportunity to graduate to our full membership.

We don't just take on anyone, spaces are limited which means we are looking for men and women who want to commit to 2 - 3 fitness sessions per week over 28 days and are open to being coached by expert trainers. 

All you have to do is turn up and we'll help you transform your fitness, figure and eating habits which will improve your body confidence and every day well-being. 

What's Included in The 28 Day Experience

  • ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING so you are supported every step of the way
  • PROGRESS TRACKING WITH OUR 3D BODY SCANNER to see where you are every week with your weight loss and your strength and fitness
    helping you to get fitter and healthier faster
    12 SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS giving you all the benefits of personal training but at a fraction of the cost
  • A COMMUNITY OF LIKE MINDED PEOPLE keeping you accountable, making friends and having fun
  • NUTRITION PLANS AND SHOPPING LISTS so that you know EXACTLY what you need to eat to get the results YOU want

Here Are Some Of The People We’ve Have Helped Already

What our members say.....

"On 1st September I joined GO Fitness, as like many had been confined to working from home during Lockdown 1.0.
Initially, joining for me was not about losing loads of weight. It was about self-motivation, understanding my body, toning up AND exercising my mind, as well as my body.

GO Fitness is so much more than doing 45 minute exercise. I’m educated daily about nutrition, portion sizes, muscle groups and what I am actually capable of achieving.

The classes are either online or outdoors, allows me to unwind, de-stress and I’m pushing myself more and more in a healthy and safe environment.

I joined GO Fitness on my own and have been fortunate to gain friends, through the GO Fitness Family in the last few months.
No more work chair to sofa in 5 seconds for me!!!
I love it & never want it to end."

- Hannah 42, lewes 

"I can't say enough good things about GoFitness. I'm a 55 year old man who whilst active, had got into a bit of a rut and in truth had developed a bit of a 'fear' of exercise. I plucked up the courage and joined the Lewes GoFitness class and have loved every aspect of it since. I shouldn't have worried about it. Emily, John and Petros have been wonderful at motivating me and seeing that the programme is appropriate and effective. I feel so much better about myself and am told by others that I look better. It's a nice feeling and I'm a convert! The groups are small and it really is like having a personal PT with the support of other like-minded people. Whilst it can seem more expensive than a gym membership, my experience is that its much, much better value. I use it even when I'm not feeling it and in truth it's just too easy to blow off a visit to the gym which I never do with these guys. I can't recommend them enough."

- LAURIE 55, lewes 

"12 weeks into Go Fitness - I have lost several kilos, inches, visceral fat and gained muscle, strength and motivation.

It’s pretty amazing what this team can pack into a 45 minute session. I have never felt so ‘worked out’ even after 2 hours in a gym.

The sessions are always changing, you never get bored, they're always challenging and you always finish feeling fantastic.
Always encouraging and always motivating."


"I started at Go Fitness with apprehension as I’d never done anything like this before, I was so unfit and worried I was out of my depth. That was almost 18 months ago!! I absolutely LOVE each and every session, my mental and physical fitness has benefited greatly and the coaches are just SO supportive and encouraging…lovely too! You go at your own pace of what you feel is right, they never put pressure on you (unless you want it of course) each session is challenging but fun, fun, fun! The sense of achievement after each session is incredible. The other team members are equally as supportive and lovely!
I can’t recommend highly enough!"

Di 51, lewes

"So far I have really enjoyed the sessions. I would never be able to achieve what I do on my own or in a gym- I would give up! But you get motivation to keep going ! I felt really nervous about exercising and put it off for a long time after my baby, but the team are so supportive and everyone who is at the sessions too. Everything is very tailored to any starting point. Really recommend it!"

Amie 31, newhaven

"Emily and John have developed an exceptional training programme that offers challenge but encourages me to work to my own limits. Training sessions are fun and engaging. Additional support around diet and goal setting is also good. I have felt the benefits of the workouts very quickly. It is a financial commitment but worth it if you're serious about building strength and all round fitness."


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